A collection of free to play flash games for your enjoyment. We'll add other good ones
as we find them so remember to check back often.

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Aqua Slug - This game can make you forget about time, fun water pistol

Drag Racer - Modify and tune your car, then race it on the drag strip.

Help Garfield get his beauty sleep.

Hamster Flinging Fun - How far can you get them to fly?

Take this tricky I.Q. test - it's not as easy as it seems.

Mercury Blobs - Merge your blob of Mercury with smallers blobs, but don't
merge with a bigger one!

Shoot the pesky Microsoft Office Paperclip Assistant.

Quickdraw - Shoot the other guy before he shoots you.

Another Old West style shoot-out.

Target shooting in a few different styles.

The classic Tetris.

A fun and easy to learn tower defence game.

Place your bets and watch the worms race. If you're not winning, you can
visit the black market and CHEAT!

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